Jeremy Paxton - Guitar


Jeremy has been teaching guitar/uke/mandolin for 15 years, and has been playing for 27 years. He currently plays in the rock 

band The Jits, and a Black Sabbath cover band, Black Jammith. 

John Bujak - Guitar


John has been teaching guitar/bass for 23 years, and has been playing professionally for 40 years in Tucson and around the world. 

John Stafford - Guitar


John is a very successful rock/prog guitarist who has written award winning commercial jingles as well as produced many projects for other Tucson artists. He was born in Tacoma, WA and landed in Tucson as a much sought after guitar instructor at the age of 19. 

Mike Burris - Drums/Percussion


Mike has been teaching for 17 years and has extensive experience teaching drumset, concert, and marching drums across all ages and skill levels at 5 music stores, 10 public schools, and 2 music schools.

Carl Cherry - Bass/Keyboards/Drums


Carl has played and recorded for numerous acts in Tucson and around the country. He has extensive experience teaching all ages 

and skill levels in keyboards, bass, and drums. 

Kylie Arnold - Vocals


Kylie has been singing professionally for over 15 years in Opera, Rock, and Metal. She holds a BA with Honors in Musical Theater from the UofA and has performed with almost every theater company in town. 


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